About Gokarna

Shree Mahabala Deva Temple, Gokarna is  a sacred pilgrimage site amongst Indian Places. Located at the western coast of India, Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. This is considered as one of the seven Mukti Kshetras of India.

Shree Mahabala Deva temple enshrines the Aatma Lingam of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that the holy Lingam was given by Shiva to King Ravana to make his kingdom an invincible fortress. Varuna and Ganesha tricked Ravana into placing the Lingam here and in spite of the might exerted by Ravana (Maha Bala) the Lingam remained rooted to the ground. The Shiva Mahabala Deva temple is regarded to be next in sanctity only to the Vishwanath Siva Temple in Varanasi and is often called the Dakshina Kashi.

Gokarna is also known for its idyllic beaches and serene landscape.  It also has a number of tourist points nearby.

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